Your safety

We take your safety very seriously

That is why all of our coaches are fitted with the very latest safety technologies. Our drivers are also able to get a good night’s sleep at the company itself, if they have to get up for an early start. This means they don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to leave home and drive to the company headquarters. This gives them peace of mind, a great night’s sleep and is beneficial in terms of safety.


Annual training for drivers in both theory and practice

Lane Warning

Since 2016, we have bought coaches fitted with Lane Warning: the driver’s seat vibrates if he crosses a white line without using his indicator.

Driving and break times 

In the EU, there are regulations relating to driving and break times for bus drivers

– Between 2 jobs, each touring bus driver must take 11 hours break at least 3 times a week, and 9 hours 3 times per week

 – The working day of a driver may not exceed 15 hours.

– A bus driver may drive continuously for 4 hours 30 minutes. He must then take a break for at least 45 minutes. He may also split this into 15 and 30 minutes.

– The daily driving time of a bus driver is 9 hours. Twice a week, an extension of up to 10 hours in one day is permitted.

– If there are 2 drivers, the maximum working time is 21 hours. They must then take a break of at least 9 hours.

– After 6 working days, the driver must have a break of 45 hours. The weekly rest period can be extended to after 12 days, and then it amounts to 69 hours.

Adaptieve cruise controle

Since 2016, all of our coaches have been fitted with adaptive cruise control. This allows the coach to brake automatically if the distance between it and the vehicle in front becomes too small.

Winter tyres

Tijdens de wintermaanden rijden al onze touringcars met winterbanden. Die zorgen voor een extra veilige rit op sneeuw- en ijzelwegen tijdens uw skivakantie.


Our garage has a workshop where preventative maintenance can be carried out on our coaches. We also have a car-wash to ensure all our vehicles look pristine at all times.              

Environment and emissions

Our environment is very important to us. 80% of our fleet is fitted with engines that fulfil the most stringent emissions standards for coahces, namely Euro 6. The other buses fulfil the Euro 5 standard.           

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Coach2Travel  Your safety

Coach2Travel takes your safety very seriously indeed. That is why all of our coaches are fitted with the very latest safety technologies.

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